Individual Skin

Detailed Skin Analysis

Facial Treatment

Deep cleansing Facial

 A Detoxifying and balancing Facial to deep cleanse and purify the skin by Stimulating its natural defenses. A microdermabrasion volcanic ash exfoliation to eliminate impurities, refine pores and re balance the skin. The skin is left feeling refreshed, Purified, and calmed.

Time: 50 minutes Price: $75

Mask for Facial

Microdermabrasion and Peel Facial

The ultimate replenishing facial. The moisture rich facial incorporates a mask to enhance cell function and, in conjunction with a cellular super nourishing cream, instantly delivers hydration to the deeper layers of the skin while plumping the surface to eliminate fine lines. The skin regains its suppleness and softness for a more youthful complexion.

LED Light Therapy and Collagen Mask Add on $49 with your Facial!

Time: 60 Minutes Price: $80

Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial

A super nutritious and luxurious facial designed to reduce the signs of ageing at a cellular level. Experience a unique blend of age-defying peptides, proteins and enzymes working together to strengthen, rebuild and firm ageing skin. This Facial will boost cell renewal, increase fibroblast activity, improve microcirculation, eliminate toxins, and revive the activity of sebaceous glands. The Skin regains its youthful elasticity, suppleness, and radiant glow.

Time: 60 Minutes Price: $85

The best facial ever

Why Choose Ocosmedics?

Why O Cosmedics?

There are many reasons why you choose this in demand Australian-made product. One of which is the product is based on the principles of innovative technology and the latest therapy. That means it recognises the person’s skin integrity as one of the most import aspects when it comes to providing a facial service. Furthermore, a key factor is that Ocosmedic treats the skin with care, primarily without unnecessary trauma or over-exfoliation.

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